Hello Brad,

With great joy, I am delighted to notify you that we have finally published the last series of the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith this week, Series O (He is Coming Again).

In 2014 we first published the Series A series, since then, with each ensuing year, we have steadily published more and more of the 14 series. Now, in 2020, six years has passed and the work is finally done. We give all the praise to our God for without Him we would not have finished the work that He assigned for us to do.  Also we at Reformation Translation Publishing Company, give thanks to CMI as well for giving us the honor to take part in your ministry to take the Gospel to many churches and children around the Chinese speaking areas of the world who have greatly benefited from the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith.


Helen Lin
Reformation Translation Fellowship Publishing Company, Taipei, Taiwan