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CMI Director Heads Again to Far East


traveling manChildren’s Ministry Director, Brad Winsted will be heading back to the Far East this late March and early April to encourage our translation efforts and continuing training of Christian Education Teachers.

The three countries to be visited this time are Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Although Brad has visited Taiwan and the Philippines before, this is his first trip to Vietnam.                                                                         jet bar

TaiwanIn Taiwan, Brad will visit Christ College (where Brad has spoken before to Taiwanese and Chinese mainland students); the Reformation Fellowship Translation Publishing Company (who translate CMI Bible Building Blocks of the Faith materials) and churches that use CMI’s materials.

For the past two years, more CMI materials have been sold in Chinese than English. As more and more CMI materials are translated into Chinese, we pray that many mainland Chinese churches will begin using the materials. You can look at the translated materials at

Brad has helped with teaching training videos and seminars. He hopes to further encourage translation efforts, speak with students of all ages, teach a Christian parenting series at a local church and help with teacher training efforts during his time there

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In the Philippines, Brad will visit the Center for Christian Education Excellence (CECE) near Manila which is located on the grounds of the Reformed Seminary in Cavite. CECE translates C

MI materials for churches around the Philippines.  Brad will be speaking at schools and orphanages including the Filipino Reformed Seminary on Christian education subjects and demonstrating how best to use CMI materials. We hope to translate the last several series in the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum. 

altThe most exciting part of the whole trip will be to introduce CMI materials in Vietnam to the small  Evangelical and Reformed church there. Brad is planning a two-day conference on Christian Education for adults and children. CMI material is just starting to be translated into Vietnamese.

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As many of you know, Christianity is strictly controlled in this Communist nation; please use discretion with this information.

If you wish to contribute to Brad’s trip to the Far East please send a check to CMI  at the address on our Contact  page. Please pray for a successful trip.

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Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum Series

The materials, CMI has developed and placed into 14 visual series, take a building block approach of foundational and systematic questions and answers to teach children the basics of Christianity. Each series contains five to eight lessons. Although each series can stand alone; when taken together the child is taught each basic doctrine of the Bible as it is outlined in the "Catechism for Young Children" of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

The questions and answer approach to a subject has been a proven and effective way to transmit truths for centuries. Each lesson contains flannel board visuals of foundational and systematic questions, memory verses, and Bible lessons supplemented by a Series Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games and Creative Expression (craft). 

To see all 14 series click here.

Bible Building Blocks of the  Faith PowerPoint® Presentation slideshow is also available.

Bible Building Blocks of the Faith - Spanish Version. is also available


Brad Winsted, CMI Director


Welcome to CMI

Children's Ministry International (CMI) is reaching children for Christ by providing non-consumable, non-dated, non-graded resources for:

  • Sunday School
  • Home School
  • Bible Clubs
  • Vacation Bible School

The colorful lessons were written for children ages 4-12 to help them to grasp important Biblical truths.  This material is multi-age, non-dated, and reusable.


Bible Building Blocks of the Faith

Each Series Pack includes:

  • Textbook
  • A packet of self-adhesive flocked Paper
  • A packet of full-color flannel board visuals
  • Song CD

The textbooks contain 5 - 7 lessons on a particular theme.  These lessons are divided into Questions with answers, Memory Verses, and Bible Lessons.  There is a Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games, and Creative Expression/Crafts, as well.

Additional Teaching MaterialsAdditional Materials to help you teach each Series include:

  • Coloring Books
  • Color Border Memory Verse Cards
  • Visualized Songs
  • Songbooks
  • Additional Song CD's
  • Extra Text Books

Home-Schoolers can use a Textbook and Coloring Books instead of visuals for big savings!

Equipping the Saints

CMI is committed to bringing training to any church or group regardless of size, location, or denomination. During the training, teachers are equipped to explain the gospel message to unsaved children and challenge saved children to walk more boldly in the Spirit. In addition, teachers are instructed in how to assemble and use the flannel board visual aids for more effective teaching. See more information about Seminars.

Blessings of Evangelizing the Lost

Many children's and teacher's lives have been transformed through the teaching of the CMI curricula.  This change is evident as they gain a desire to live in obedience to the Lord.

This is just a part of the CMI story.  The full story of how God has changed the lives of children and their teachers who have responded to Him will not be known until Jesus returns.

CMI produces Reformed educational material for children related and relevant to the Westminster Confession Catechisms; Reformed Sunday School materials, children's catechisms; Vacation Bible School; Children's Church; Christian Holiday Celebrations; Advent materials; home devotions; shorter Catechism; Reformation Day celebrations; and Christian Character Building curriculum.

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