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God's Wonderful Flower  T.U.L.I.P. (TULIP)$21.00

Teaching Reformed Theology to Kids.  These lessons are meant to be taught for 12 weeks of Sunday School classes.  Like all CMI material, you can expand or contract the lessons as you deem necessary.

The contents page of each lesson contains a Theme, Biblical Teaching, Memory Verse, Review, and  Music section.  A Craft section is added in the last two lessons.  Each is explained below:

  • The Theme presents the subject matter to be taught.
  • Biblical Teaching expands on the lesson title and theme of that particular lesson using Scripture.
  • The Memory Verse anchors the students in the subject at hand.  To help students memorize, we provide suggestions for playing games, using hand motions, and in some cases using a Memory Verse song from the Song CD to reinforce learning. The appendix contains a coloring page for each verse and patterns to make memory verse cards for each child.  Taking the memory verse cards home will help parents know what their children are learning and will be a handy review tool.
  • The Review provides questions and answers about each lesson's topic to see how well students are learning the material.  We suggest various games to give students a chance to compete in answering the questions.
  • Music based on some of the memory verses an suggested hymns reinforce principles the children learn.
  • Craft in the last two lessons gives children something tangible they can take with them to remember TULIP.
  • A song CD is included, with children singing, that can be used as you teach.

To help the teacher with these lessons and include parents in the leaning process, we include a Parent's Guide that children can take home.



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TULIP Table of Contents