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"It Is Finished!" Easter Series(ESTR)$19.95

Easter Reformed Sunday School/Children's Church Lessons for Kids - Reusable. The Easter story is told in four colorful flashcard lessons, describing the events leading to Jesus’ death, resurrection, and exaltation. Crafts are included.

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Easter Coloring Book (STRCB)
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Easter Reformed Sunday School/Children's Church Lessons for Kids - Reusable

How should your church celebrate Easter?

Many say "we celebrate Christ's Resurrection every Sunday" therefore, there is no need to do anything else. Others celebrate Lent from Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday, on to Easter morning. Children's Ministry International (CMI) has a wonderful series entitled, "IT IS FINISHED" that allows your church or home to have as many as four, 45 minute lessons that cover all the major themes around Easter.

The major themes of Easter are: 

  • Jesus' calling to go to Jerusalem 
  • His triumphant entry on a donkey to Jerusalem 
  • His last days in the temple 
  • His Betrayal 
  • The Last Supper 
  • Jesus' prayers and arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane 
  • His trial 
  • His time before Pilate 
  • His Crucifixion 
  • His Burial 
  • His Resurrection 
  • Jesus' Ascension to Heaven 

That's a lot to cover in four weeks! But many churches only have Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday to teach these concepts and modify the series to "fit" into their schedule.

Here are some other "extras" you'll find in the "IT IS FINISHED" booklet:

  • Crafts to help our covenant children actually learn key verses
  • colorful hold-up stories (not flannelboard). 
  • coloring book for the children that will reinforce everything they learn.