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 Building Blocks of the Faith PowerPoint® based Presentation CD$15.00 / $29.00

Children's Ministry International (CMI) has just produced colorful PowerPoint-based presentations of our Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Series on CD's:

* Series A: The Who What Why How of Creation
* Series B: Questions and Answers About God
* Series C: God's Wonderful Library
* Series D: How Can I Know I Will Live Forever?
* Series E: Covenants and Promises

The Series B: Questions and Answers About God CD created with PowerPoint® will be ready soon. Our goal is to have all our series of the Bible Building Blocks of the Faith (based on the Children's Catechism) on CD's by the end of the year. Yes, CMI has moved into the electronic age with these wonderful presentations on CD's that can complement what you are already doing.

Now you can project all the visuals:

* the Questions and Answers
* the Bible Memory Verse
* the Bible Lesson
* the Review Game
* the Visualized Songs *and even the "Stevie and Sarah Stories" on a screen before the whole class and/or assembly by means of this slide presentation CD.

Everything that you would have as a visual for the flannelboard for each series is now on the CD plus the visualized songs! Using PowerPoint® is an easy way to enhance a presentation to larger groups. Some teachers would prefer not to use the flannel board visuals or supplement their use, now you can do it! Some people would like to present these things to a larger class or assembly, now this can also be done. Some teachers would like the Visualized Songs in each Series to be projected: now you can do it. And yes, it is now possible to teach the entire lesson without a flannelboard if you are comfortable with our BBB of the Faith slide presentation. Just buy the Teacher's Text for the Series and the BBB CD and do it!

Those familiar with PowerPoint® already know the ease with which you can move back and forth between images/slides. After you begin using it, you'll know that it is not difficult. All the work has been done for you. From your laptop computer you can plug into the projector and are ready to go.

The price for this great enhancement to your Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum is $29 per series, or if you order it with the series it is only $15 for the BBB slide presentation.

BBB Series$15.00 with purchase of Series$29.00 purchased individually
Series A - PPT Presentation CD




Series B - PPT Presentation CD



Series C - PPT Presentation CD



Series D - PPT Presentation CD



Series E - PPT Presentation CD