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 Shorter Catechism Lessons for Teens$15.00

Children' Ministry International (CMI) announces that our "TENS THROUGH TEENS SHORTER CATECHISM" lessons volumes 1-5, out of the nine volumes are now ready to be distributed. Volumes 6-9 will be finished soon. The first five volumes covering over half of the entire Shorter Catechism questions are grouped topically in easy to teach separate volumes, and would take over a year to teach.  Normally, each series require around a quarter to teach depending on the teacher, age of the class and how deep into each concept you desire to go.  So don't wait, the remaining volumes (6-9) will be completed by around the end of the Fall this year.

The price per volume remains the same only $15 per volume but reduced  (link to web page), but that is all that is the same. You'll fine the format easier to use and more informative for your older kids. Go ahead and try them out for a 20%  DISCOUNT (use a different color to emphasize) this Summer!  Now from age 3 to the end of the teens CMI has catechetical material for you. 

These 9 units of challenging lessons are based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism and includes suggested teaching aids. Applications are aimed at motivating young people to apply the Word of God to their daily lives. These units, described in more detail below, are not designed for flannelboards.

Unit 1 - God's Revelation to Man(UL1)$15.00

Five lessons designed to   teach:

  • God’s Purpose for Man
  • God’s Guidance for Man
  • God’s Principal Message
  • God’s Divine Nature
  • God’s Three Persons
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Unit 2 - God's Plan for the World(UL2)$15.00
Three lessons designed to teach:
  • God Planned Everything
  • God Made Everything
  • God Controls Everything
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Unit 3 - Mankind's Sin and Fall(UL3)$15.00

Three lessons designed to teach:

  • Adam Chose Disobedience
  • Man Inherits a Sin Nature
  • Man Needs God’s Grace
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Unit 4 - God's Provision For Sinners(UL4)$15.00

Five lessons designed to   teach:

  • Our Redeemer, God and Man
  • Our Redeemer the Prophet
  • Our Redeemer the Priest
  • Our Redeemer the King
  • Our Redeemer, Humble and Exalted
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Unit 5 - God's Wonderful Grace(UL5)$15.00

Five lessons designed to   teach:

  • Effectual Calling
  • New Birth
  • Justification
  • Adoption
  • Sanctification
  • Benefits in this Life
  • Benefits at Death
  • Glorification
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Unit 6 - Our Duty to God(UL6)$15.00

Six lessons designed to teach:

  • Obey God’s Commands
  • Love God and Mankind
  • Worship God Alone
  • Worship God Properly
  • Worship God Sincerely
  • Worship God Each Sabbath
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Unit 7 - Our Duty to Others(UL7)$15.00

Six lessons designed to teach:

  • Honor Authority
  • Preserve Life
  • Avoid Impurity
  • Respect Possessions
  • Speak Truth
  • Be Content
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Unit 8 - God's Means of Grace(UL8)$15.00

Seven lessons designed to teach:

  • God’s Wrath and Punishment    
  • Great Salvation
  • True Faith and Repentance
  • Powerful Word
  • Sacramental Signs and Seals
  • Water Baptism
  • Lord’s Supper
  • Diligent Prayer
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Unit 9 - The Lord's Prayer(UL9)$15.00

Five lessons designed to teach:

  • Father’s Glory
  • God’s Kingdom and Will
  • God’s Provision and Mercy
  • God’s Protection and Preeminence
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