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For over 20 years Children's Ministry International (CMI) has been devoted to reaching children with the Gospel and helping them to build a Biblical foundation of knowledge based on the basic themes of Scripture. CMI has developed the "Bible Building Blocks of the Faith" curriculum. These lessons are designed to be used visually with a flannelboard.

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CMI also conducts seminars for teaching parents and Christian education teachers how to use the materials. A full curriculum (4-6 year) is now available for homeschoolers and churches.

CMI uses full color flannelboard visual aids, easy to memorize songs, review games (that aid in memorizing the basic questions/answers and Scripture verses) and crafts to stimulate interest and understanding of these basic questions and answers (taken from the "Catechism for Young Children" of the Westminster Confession of Faith).

The materials, CMI has developed and placed into 14 visual series, take a building block approach of foundational and systematic questions and answers to teach children the basics of Christianity. Each series contains five to eight lessons. Although each series can stand alone; when taken together the child is taught each basic doctrine of the Bible as it is outlined in the "Catechism for Young Children" of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

The questions and answer approach to a subject has been a

 proven and effective way to transmit truths for centuries. Each lesson contains full color flannelboard visuals of foundational and systematic questions, memory verses, and Bible lessons supplemented by a Series Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games and Creative Expression (craft). This material is not consumable and can be used over and over again.

For Sunday Schools, Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools each lesson takes from 1 to 3 sessions depending on the age of the student.

If you are an experienced teacher who has used the "Bible Building Blocks of the Faith Curriculum" for over six months, you can join us overseas when we teach missionary conferences! You do have to raise you travel expenses, but you will gain much experience (from watching and sharing with other experienced CMI teachers, minister to missionary families, see a new part of the world, understand better what a 'world Christian' is by interacting with missionary families, and get to keep the teaching materials used. Call or email CMI today and ask for details on when the next overseas conference is.







Below is an eight-year plan for introducing "The Bible Building Blocks of the Faith" into your church or home.

3-5 years old A,B,C,D 2 years
(These series can also be taught to older students
through 6th grade)
1st-3rd grades C,E,F,G,H,K 3 years
(leaving time for Holidays: Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Reformation, thanksgiving and Christmas.)
4th-6th grades C,L,M,N,G,O 3 years
(leaving time for Holidays: Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Reformation, thanksgiving and Christmas.)

For the homeschooler each lesson normally takes one week (each day instructing 45 minutes or less). The week would normally go like this:

Monday -Foundational Question, Answer and Theme Song;
Tuesday -Bible Memory Verse and Scripture Song;
Wednesday -Bible Lesson;
Thursday -Creative Expression/Craft;
Friday -Review Game.

Note: Homeschoolers only need the teacher's manual and a coloring book for each child to teach the lessons.

See a sample of the Lesson Plans and Flannelboard taken from Series A.

Fathers and mothers can easily teach these lessons during family devotions and Bible studies. These lessons are quickly adapted to a Sunday School program, VBS, or Bible Memory Club.

If you are interested in ordering the above mentioned materials please see our catalog and order form. We provide an online shopping cart, a printable catalog or you may request one to be sent to you. If you would like to arrange a teacher's seminar, or want to know more about the ministry please contact us.




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Payments can be made by check when invoiced.

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