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Covenant Road Volume 3
The Covenant Road:
Journey Through
The Bible
Volume 3
These colorful lessons are designed to be taught in one session. Your young children should be familiar with God's redemptive plan in the Bible. Jesus is mentioned throughout the three volumes as the coming Messiah, the Great Redeemer and Savior. In volume 3, much of it is devoted to the life of Jesus.


See Table of Contents for Volume Three


Volume 3 (TCR3) $39.00
Only $15.60 with discount!

Coloring Book (TCR3CB) $2.75 Buy Now
Coloring Books (TCR3CB10) $25.00
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Coloring Books (TCR3CB20) $45.00 
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Extra Song CD (TCR3SCD) $10.00 
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Visualized Songbook (TCR3VS) $11.00 
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Sunday School coordinators, homeschooling moms and parents:

20% Off Advent Materials

Holiday Extravaganza--all Advent Material 20% OFF Until Christmas!

Are you tired about being consumed with the excesses of the "holiday season"? Do you and your family see so little of Christ in Christmas that you sometimes wonder how your celebration of Christmas is any different than your unbelieving neighbors? Make this Christmas a special time of looking forward to the celebration of the Advent of Christ and the Incarnation of God into man. But how?

1. Read the article, "Redeeming Christmas"

Redeeming Christmas Article by Brad WinstedDirector of Children's Ministry International, Brad Winsted has a thoughtful article reprinted for your edification on how to [reclaim Christ in Christmas]( Its easy to get swept up in all the garishness of the holidays and miss Christ completely. In this article there are many "helps" on keeping Christmas Christ-centered.

2. Advent in Your Church

The Christmas Advent Season will soon be here! Celebrating Advent gives our children the true origin of Christmas and the Incarnation of Christ. Throughout the Old Testament we see stories telling of this upcoming event. Let your children see why saints such as Mary and Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth (parents of John the Baptist), Simeon and Anna (at the temple dedication of Jesus) in the Gospel of Luke so looked forward to the coming Messiah because of their knowledge of the Old Testament signs pointing to Christ.

Jesus Family Tree...The Story of RedemptionCMI has a great four lesson workbook, "Jesus Family Tree....the Story of Redemption" for your Sunday School program. For just $25.00 you can fill the four weeks prior to Christmas with great Bible lessons of the coming Christ. This is a lot more than an "Advent Candle" as you get into the biblical stories of the prediction and requirement for the Messiah's coming to earth, first told to Eve in the Garden of Eden after the Fall.

There are colorful symbols to make a "Jesse Tree" (out of the root of King David's family/Jesse was Christ's lineage) in your classroom. Your kids will have a fun and instructional time in learning about how Christ's coming (or Advent) is clearly and repeatedly found throughout the Old Testament.

CMI has a Jesse Tree coloring book ($3.00 each) to help the children remember the Bible Stories that point to Jesus' birth.

3. Advent in Your Home

Jesse Tree Advent Family DevotionsWhy not a "Jesse Tree" tradition in your home. Jesse Tree means the "tree of Christ" out of the Isaiah passage that reads "out of the stem of Jesse" will emerge the Messiah. Each night of Advent add something to your Christmas Tree or other "Jesse Tree" display so that your children truly understand the coming "Incarnation". Make this Christmas something more than simple gift-giving by allowing your family to truly understand the many stories in the Old Testament pointing to Christ.

The Advent materials ($29.00) allow for this along with coloring books ($3.00 each) and crafts to make it even more fun and educational. The Advent family devotions are expanded into 32 lessons to cover the entire Advent season. These colorful lessons are designed to be used for daily family devotions during the advent of Christ; from the last Sunday in November through Christmas Day.

4. Holiday Series - Volume 3

"THE HOLIDAY SERIES" takes the holidays that we now celebrate and looks at them through the "spectacles or glasses of Scripture" to see how we best can honor Christ through them. In II Corinthians 10:21 Paul tells us "that whether you eat, or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God". How often Holiday Series Volume 3do we simply take the time off on these special holidays or go through symbolic rituals without ever thinking of what the Bible might have to say about what we are doing. There are biblical truths that these days symbolize, and we can edify the days by celebrating them to the Glory of God.

Each lesson is designed to be taught in one 45 minute lesson, but there is enough material to do more if you desire. This can be done in a Sunday School environment or at home. There is a memory verse (with a visualized coloring opportunity of the verse), the background to the it secular or sacred, a related Bible story, a craft, lots of application and a song CD with kids singing. All of the hold-up visuals are in color.

All of our Holidays can be celebrated with a Christian response to the theme or person honored. Your kids will love to know why this day is important and how related biblical themes correspond to the meaning of the day.

Volume 3 covers: Columbus Day, Reformation Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The cost for all this is only $21!

Don't forget, you get 20% off from now until Christmas on all Advent materials!

Online orders can be taken 24 hours a day.

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Here are the reasons to choose CMI products:

  • CMI curriculum spends the time reviewing what has previously been taught and learned.p>

  • Children learn the basic question and answer that the lesson is attempting to convey.

  • Bible verses are integrated into the lessons and and are memorized.

  • Review games are part of the lesson.

  • Crafts remind the kids what the basic Bible truth is.

  • New concepts are introduced so that children truly understanding why the previous truth was taught.

  • There's not a lot of "glitter" and "pizazz" that tries to keep the kids attention without understanding why it is being presented. For instance, kids love puppets and skits, but these teaching aids must point back to the essence of the lesson.




Children's Ministry International (CMI) is reaching children for Christ by providing non-consumable, non-dated, non-graded resources for:

  • Sunday School

  • Home School

  • Bible Clubs

  • Vacation Bible School

Colorful lessonsThe colorful lessons were written for children ages 4-12 to help them to grasp important Biblical truths.  This material is multi-age, non-dated, and reusable.

Bible Building Blocks of the Faith

Each Series Pack includes:

  • Text book

  • Packet of self-adhesive flocked Paper

  • Packet of full color flannel board visuals

  • Song CD

The text books contain 5 - 7 lessons on a particular theme.  These lessons are divided into Questions with answers, Memory Verses, and Bible Lessons.  There is a Theme Song, Scripture Songs, Review Games, and Creative Expression/Crafts, as well.  more...

Additional Materials to help you teach each Series include:

  • Coloring Books

  • Color Border Memory Verse Cards

  • Visualized Songs

  • Songbooks

  • Additional Song CD's

  • Extra Text Books

Home-Schoolers can use a Text book, and Coloring Books instead of visuals for a big savings!

Equipping the Saints

CMI is committed to bring training to any church or group regardless of size, location, or denomination. During the training, teachers are equipped to explain the gospel message to unsaved children and challenge saved children to walk more boldly in the Spirit. In addition, teachers are instructed in how to assemble and use the flannelboard visual aids for more effective teaching.  more...

Blessings of Evangelizing the Lost

Many children's and teacher's lives have been transformed through the teaching of the CMI curricula.  This change is evident as they gain a desire to live in obedience to the Lord.

This is just a part of the CMI story.  The full story of how God has changed the lives of children and their teachers who have responded to Him will not be known until Jesus returns.

CMI produces Reformed educational material for children related and relevant to the Westminster Confession Catechisms; Reformed Sunday School materials, children's catechisms; Vacation Bible School; Children's Church; Christian Holiday Celebrations; Advent materials; home devotions; shorter Catechism; Reformation Day celebrations; and Christian Character Building curriculum.

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Online orders can be taken 24 hours a day. When we receive your form order we will add postage and handling and e-mail your total to you. Children's Ministry International welcomes your telephone orders during our regular business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. week days.

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Delivery guaranteed on in-stock items only. We ship internationally.

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God's Wonderful Library - Translations now available in Spanish.

Series A-O are now available in Spanish.
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Series A-H are now available in Spanish

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