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Heroes of the Reformation (HERO) $17.50

This booklet is an ideal selection for those churches celebrating Reformation Day, October 31st or the weeks leading up to it.  Like all of our lessons, these are reusable.  You can take the month of October to look at these lives each week or concentrate it for a great Reformation Day celebration. 

Now you can teach your children your Reformation Christian Heritage by examining the lives of these great Reformers.  One of the appendices has suggestions on how to have a Reformation Party at your church.

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Heroes of the Reformation Coloring Book (HEROCB) $5.00

Now your children in school, church or home, can color the lives of the great Reformers.  This coloring book is more than just pictures--there is a short story of each of the Reformers along with pages to color.  This is an excellent aid to the "Heroes of the Reformation" text, but it is also a stand-alone tool of instruction.  The coloring book can actually be a text for learning with the pictures ready to color and display for only $5.00 each and a discount for 10 or more.

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10/pack $45.00
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